After running The Original Music School for close to ten years, I have had many conversations with parents who were concerned that their son or daughter didn’t fit in.

They were concerned that their child didn’t do well in sports or simply didn’t have much in common with most other kids.  Often times, these kids are obsessed with one thing such as, computers, comic books or as I’ve seen the most - music.

Parents are typically concerned that being so focused on one thing will leave them without marketable skills and alone in the world.

However, if you read just a little about the top disrupters in any field - the people who change the world - they are the peculiar people.  Winners are peculiar people.

Think about it.  Do you think even one Olympic athlete is “normal?”  Of course they aren’t!

Who in their right mind would be so obsessed that they would punish themselves with the endless hours of conditioning and training it takes to even get a shot at competing in the Olympics?

Whatever it is that impels an Olympiad to train is what inspired Bill Gates to spend all of his free time programming computers or the Beatles writing and playing music.

Moms and dads continue to come to me concerned for their children who want to major in music fearing they would never be successful in spite of the fact that there are many ways a musician can earn a great living, from entertaining to education.

I have never been sorry for recommending that they let them pursue their passion as long as the kids agree to work on a planned program that will leave them prepared in their field.  In other words, create marketable skills.

Many times, the students went on to be hugely successful as musical artists or even working for companies like Disney or in the public school system.  Other times, letting the student see the effort it takes to be a success has caused them to take another path.

My hope for those on another path is that they are peculiar enough to be a game changer in their chosen fields.