Frequently Asked Questions

“What if my child has never played in a band before?”

The Original Music School is designed for beginners as well as advanced students. Regardless of your child’s musical experience, he or she will benefit from our flexible program and a caring and knowledgeable teaching staff.

“Who will play in my child’s band?”

Your child will be grouped with other young musicians based on age, ability, experience, interest, and style.

“Is my child too old/young?”

There is always an even mix of students in grades 6-12 attending. Furthermore, your child will typically work with students in their own age group, although some classes may have students of all ages depending on ability levels, experience, interest, and styles of those enrolled. Children younger than 10 will be accepted into the songwriting/performing/recording program on a case-by-case basis but they are all welcome and encouraged to receive private instruction in the instrument of their choice.

“Does The Original Music School accept singers/vocalists?”

Yes! Voice is the most dynamic instrument as well as the hardest to play! We have classes in voice in addition to the other instruments.

“What styles of music are accepted?”

The Original Music School is designed for musicians of every musical genre including blues, rock, pop, jazz, and rap. All The Original Music School staff have an eclectic background in many different styles of music TO PROVIDE THIS VARIETY.

“Can my child play with a friend?”

Yes! We encourage friends and bands to join together, just let us know and we will make sure that you are matched up with your friends.


“What is the atmosphere like?”

The atmosphere at The Original Music School is highly creative, but most importantly, supportive, inspiring, informative, challenging, non-competitive, and fun!

“What about drugs?”

The Original Music School strictly enforces a drug-free atmosphere and lifestyle. Violators of any rules will be dismissed immediately.