Morristown is known as a vibrant little city with everything one could want - a bustling nightlife, major medical facilities, universities, gyms, the arts and more.

Many are now learning that Morristown is home to a real record label: Wild Child Records, which is run by the Original Music School (OMS) at 26 Morris Street.

Founder, Anthony Vitale explained how this came about. “I was part of an artist development team comprised of multiple Grammy winners, spearheaded by double Grammy winner John Rollo (Whitney Houston, the Kinks, Joe Cocker...etc.)  

Due to changes in the industry we decided to close our doors.That’s when I started to explore what to do next and my answer was OMS!”

OMS is a music school teaching all of the usual instruments, but it is also home to  unique songwriting and music production programs.  

These programs teach earnest musicians of all ages to write and record their own music.  Beyond that, students learn the business side of the new recording industry and how to apply those lessons to every other aspects of life.

What really makes the programs exciting and effective is that Wild Child Records is home to artists who have reached the level needed to compete in the real world market. They mentor OMS students by creating professionally written and recorded songs, and even videos right in front of the students in the studio.

Sometimes, the student even get to play a part in their mentor’s creation.


In this video by Dr Scientist, the band shares the spotlight with multiple OMS students, including Kiril who stars in the video!  

Wild Child Records is presently accepting demos of aspiring recording artists and The Original Music School has just begun summer camps and its Music Industry Boot Camp.  They have a rolling admission so it is not too late to get into any of their programs.


Check out Dr Scientist !