Justin had just played Ed Sheeran's hit, "Thinking Out Loud" at the school talent show. The theater rang with applause.  I was sure that this would be a dramatic moment for me to make my debut.  To the amazement of all my friends, I strode confidently to the mic’ with my guitar in hand. 

  “Emmi’s up to her old tricks,” somebody chuckled.  The crowd laughed.  They were all certain that I couldn’t play a single note.

  “Can she really play?” I heard a girl whisper to Justin backstage.

  “Heck no!” Justin exclaimed.  “She never played a note in her life... But just watch her. This is gonna be good.”

I decided to make the most of the situation.  I raised my hand in the air and then bowed into a curtsy just as I’ve seen Taylor Swift do to greet her audience.

   “Is Emmi the next big music star?” shouted someone in the balcony.

   “Oh, we’re sure of it!” came back an answer from the floor, and the crowd rocked with laughter.

Then I Started to Play

Instantly, a tense silence fell on the audience.  The laughter died on their lips as if by magic.  I played and sang the first lines of the song I wrote last week and I could hear gasps of amazement.  My friends sat breathless - spellbound.

 I played and sang on and as I continued, I forgot the people in the audience.  I forgot the hour, the place, the breathless listeners.  The little world I lived in seemed to fade and a new exciting reality started to shine.  This was unreal! Only the music was real - only the music and the imaginary video of my song that played in my head.  The imagery I learned to craft with words and melodies, and the chords and counter melodies I learned to use to accompany myself.  It seemed as if every person in every seat was connecting with me and my feelings, which I had put into words and music.  I was being heard!

A Complete Triumph! 

As the last notes of my song died away, the theater resounded with a roar of applause.  I found myself surrounded by excited faces.  My friends went nuts! People ran up and hugged me - wildly congratulated me - squeezing my hands in their enthusiasm!  Everybody was shouting with delight - asking me so many questions... “Emmi! Why didn’t you tell us you could sing and play like that!  Where did you find such an amazing song?  How can I get a copy of it?” . . . “Where did you learn that?” - “How long have you studied?” - “Who was your teacher?”

     “The song is my song,” I replied.  “I wrote it.  And just a few months ago, I couldn’t play a note.”

   “Yeah, right,” laughed Justin, himself an accomplished guitarist and singer. “You’ve been studying for years.  I can tell.”

   “I’ve only been studying a short while,” I insisted.  “I decided to keep it a secret so that I could surprise everyone at the talent show."  Then I told them the whole story.

   “Have you heard of The Original Music School?” I asked.  A few of my friends nodded.  “That place is here in Morristown, right?”

   “Yes,” I replied.  “We call it OMS for short.  They have a new simplified method that can teach you to play any instrument in just three months!  And the friends I made are so fun and supportive.  I’m even playing in a band there!  Oh, and about the song...  It’s on  Spotify,  Itunes and my artist profile Soundcloud page.  I recorded it at The Original Music School’s professional recording studio,” I said proudly. 

How I Learned to Play and Write Songs In Just 3 Months!

   And then I explained how I always wanted to play guitar and sing. 

  “One night I saw a boy performing his own songs at the pizza shop in town. When he took a break, I told him how great I thought he was.” 

“Then he told me his secret.”

   He said, “Go to The Original Music School and you can do it too!  In no time!”  He told me how this new method of learning to play had him playing at open mic’s and performing his favorite songs in just three months.  Best of all, he didn’t need to practice home alone everyday.  No heartless exercises. And he made lots of new friends there who played too!  It sounded so good that I went to the OMS website and signed up for the Free "Guaranteed Musician" Demonstration Lesson.

I took the first lesson and I was amazed to see how easy it was to play this new way.  I signed up right away.  At each class, I found it was as easy as they said - as easy as A.B.C.!  As the lessons continued, it got easier and easier.  Before I knew it, I was playing with a band.  Nothing stopped me.  I soon signed up for the group songwriting class and I began playing and singing songs I wrote and recorded in OMS' professional recording studios! 

In the past, I had taken lessons at other schools but it was taking forever to even play a few chords!

*  * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Play Any Instrument

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