Standard Music Lessons = Inconsistent Results

You might ask about our hourly rate for lessons since at other schools you simply pay for a teacher’s time. Their lessons are based on the teacher’s personality and often there is no set curriculum. You are left with only a vague understanding of the product you are purchasing and your results are dependent on your own discipline or natural talent. Not a good plan!

Many people who could have easily become great musicians quit before they get a chance to learn due to several factors:

  1. Misunderstood words. Teaching is communicating. If the teacher isn’t communicating clearly, you aren’t learning.

  2. Too steep a learning curve. If you get too much too fast, eventually, you get frustrated, feel defeated and quit.

  3. Not enough practice time. At least half an hour, daily, is needed.

  4. No sense of accomplishment. If you don’t feel your winning, you won’t be motivated and you are likely to quit.

  5. You are alone in your suffering. You may feel like you just don’t have the talent that others have and this is too hard! 

Let us familiarize you with our program's continued success