OMS Reinvented Lessons = Guaranteed Results!

we addressed the list of things that keep you from learning, and fixed it with a proven system with guaranteed results!

It's time to see how fast you can progress when you start our program! 

the old way of playing at this level would have taken you at least 3x as long!

  1. No more misunderstood words. Before you take your first class, you will receive an emailed list of keywords with clearly defined, with pictures or videos to further explain it to you. At the end of the list, you will click on a link to an online test to show us that you understand the words that will be used in class.

  2. A mild learning curve. Our lessons are split up, which allows us to give you smaller amounts of information each time, making it easier to understand and retain.

  3. You can practice less. Well, you aren’t really practicing less. Instead, you are drilling with us in class with a teacher and an assistant. This is monitored application of our methods.

  4. Quick results and a sense of accomplishment. With our methods, you will learn quickly and prove it often with regular testing through the program. Each time you pass a test, you will get a certificate of your accomplishment.

  5. Sharing your progress.  You will be going through the process with others. This social aspect makes class more enjoyable and you’ll make some new friends!