PRICING and Packages

All packages are charged at the beginning of the month.

Instrument Lesson packages:

__ 4x a week lessons ($480/month)
__ 3x a week lessons ($390/month)
__ 2x a week lessons ($280/month)

__ 1x a week lessons ($160/month)

Songwriting/Production Classes:
__ 4x a week music production ($720/month)
__ 3x a week music production ($600/month)
__ 2x a week music production ($440/month)
__ 1x a week music production ($240/month)

__ 4x a week private songwriting ($960/month)
__ 3x a week private songwriting ($780/month)
__ 2x a week private songwriting ($560/month)
__ 1x a week private songwriting ($320/month)

Group Songwriting Classes: 
__ Budding artist - 2 hours once a week group songwriting ($200/month)
__ Band development package - 2 hours 2x a week songwriting ($525/month)
**10% off of lesson package included with songwriting classes

Summer camp packages:
__ Budding artist ($500/one week)
__ Mini Music Industry Boot Camp ($1500/three weeks)
__ Music Industry Boot Camp ($3000/six weeks)
**Lunch provided on Fridays!